At Spirit of Mogli, we believe that the bicycle is a beautiful tool to reconnect with yourself and with nature. With the Pumptrack on our farm and the forest trails nearby, we want to approach cycling in a new light. Come and be part of the action!

Pump Track

A pump track is a dirt loop with rollers and turns that you ride without pedaling. Riders generate forward momentum by doing a pumping motion on the ups and downs of the track while going around the track. The pump track at Spirit of Mogli is a great way to learn the basics of off-roading in a safe and controlled environment while being tons of fun!

Bicycles and Safety

We believe in giving the best experience to people coming to Spirit of Mogli! That is why we have kept the best bicycle for our different programs. Safety is an important aspect of cycling so we ensure everyone gets good quality helmets and our instructors are trained in Wilderness Advanced First Aid from NOLS.